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Have a vision? Let’s bring it
to life together with our


  • Don’t have time to worry about your product, product quality or product process?
  • Want to focus on sales, marketing, customer acquisition, customer engagement, and customer service?
  • Don’t have the budget to hire Designers, Product Developers, Technical Designers or a Sourcing and Production Manager?

Let Product Haus take care of your Product needs, full service, stress free Product Design, Development, Production and Product Management.

Rely on us, so you can focus on what matters most

(30) Minute Intro Call (Free)

Full production ready tech packs for all styles/products

Full Technical Design services throughout your Product Development and Production lifecycle inclusive of fittings and processing fit comments, revision, and correction requests

Full Technical Design/QC services for wear testing, product testing*, & QC inspection prior to bulk shipment

Full Illustrator artwork files for all styles/products (Inclusive of: Any prints*, colorways, custom trims, labels, hangtags, and polybags) *Please note: Print artwork may come with additional separate charges dependent upon the uniqueness and complexity of the print(s) you request as well as how many revision requests are made to execute your final approved artwork*

Full style and/or line sheets reflective of all prints and colorways your styles will be produced in

Full-service Sourcing consultancy – Fabrics, trims, packing materials. I work to place your styles/products with one of my many trusted factory partners and then manage all communications throughout product development and production to ensure you stay on track, on calendar, and hit your launch date without any unexpected delays

Setup and introduction of UPC self-service system

RN# (US clients only) application and filing for importation requirements

Full-service logistics regarding importation, duty/customs clearance, and delivery

Size Chart creation for use on your website

PDP (Product Description Page) write ups for all styles/products detailed for your website

(1) Hour Weekly Check In Call/Zoom

(12) Hour turnaround time on Email communications Guaranteed

1-on-1 Product and brand business coaching

Support and accountability


How long does it take to create a product?

Creating a product is a lengthy and tedious process that requires full dedication. Depending upon the product it can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to bring a product to market. Typically the product development process is about 2-6 months long depending upon how complicated the product is you’re hoping to create and/or if you plan to launch a collection of styles (example: a full spring assortment of 5-10 styles rather than just one simple style like a t-shirt). Production can take anywhere from 1-2 months depending upon the product and complexity of the product. Finally, importation and delivery to your door, depending upon your preferred mode of transport (ocean shipment vs. air shipment) can take anywhere from 1 week to 3 months.

Do I speak with the manufacturers/factories directly?

Unless you are a trained product professional we do not typically encourage our clients to communicate with our factory partners directly. The language of product takes a long time to learn and most of our clients are not at all fluent. There can be a lot of miscommunication that can result and cause a variety of issues and delays that we prefer to avoid. The relationships we’ve developed with our factory partners have taken 15 years to build. We aim to protect those relationships while also providing our clients with the least stressful experience possible.

Could I start with just an idea?

Yes. However, that comes with a caveat. Our Premium service is designed to get you from idea to market as quickly as possible. That said, we would discourage you from committing to our Premium service until you have determined exactly what you want your idea (style(s), product(s), brand(s) etc.) to look, be, and feel like with at least some certainty. 

If you can not describe the idea you have and product you want with at least 90% certainty, we would highly recommend taking our 12-week ELearning Course. Once you’ve completed the course and done the work required, you will have all the tools you need to succeed with our Premium Service. To learn more about the course please head to our ELearning page for more information. 

If you would rather skip the course and invest in the Premium service to work directly with our team to guide you through the ideation phase, we do consider working with those clients on a case by case basis to be determined following our first kick off call. 

How much capital do I need to start?

This truly varies from client to client based upon a variety of factors inclusive of but not limited to: the product itself, the country of origin in which you produce the product, pricing structure for that product and what type of service(s) you’re seeking from us to support your product process.

What is the difference between Premium and E-Learning?

Our Premium Service gives you exclusive, direct access to me and the Product Haus team. Product Haus was created to be a full-service, private label, special make up, product lifecycle management solution. The Premium Service is ideal for those that have already completed the 12-week course and are seeking additional assistance in bringing their product to market and/or have already been successful in selling products of their own but want to take their product business to the next level. 


The ELearning course is a self service curated education experience guided fully by our experienced founder Erin. Erin takes you step-by-step through the basics of the product creation process, providing you the industry based knowledge and business acumen you need to take your idea from a dream to a reality as quickly and painlessly as possible.

What is the greatest benefit of the Premium service?

The benefits of partnering with Product Haus for our Premium Service are vast and plantiful. Those benefits are inclusive of but not limited to the following: 


Time – Product creation and production takes a ton of focused time. When done right it can be a lengthy gruelling process that requires a lot of dedication. The greatest benefit of working with Product Haus is that you will get your time back. You could even get your life back! Additionally, we realise how important other business activities are to ensure the success and growth of your brand. For example, marketing and sales should be the most major focus of your time leaving you with little to no time to give your product the attention to detail and passion it requires and deserves. We take the product off your plate so you can focus on the business activities that matter most to you to ensure you’ll get that product sold.


Cost Savings – We know what it’s like to be a startup or small-mid sized brand on a budget, just getting a handle on inventory needs, replen points, cash flow, marketing and customer acquisition costs. We understand that there’s a lot of moving parts to consider in bringing on talent or hiring experts to help improve your product and business. Hiring a product team part-time or full-time can be a $50,000 – $500,000 annual investment. In working with Product Haus you have access to the equivalent of a (5) person product team providing the following services: Design, Product Development, Technical Design, Sourcing Management, and Production Management – at a fraction of the price of what it would cost you to hire each of those key product team members and provide them with benefits. 


Transparency – We’re nothing if not brutally honest. Many agents or consultants prefer to maintain a don’t ask don’t tell policy. If things go wrong they may lie to you about the cause, avoid taking responsibility or play the blame game. We believe in integrity and honesty. We hate surprises, and we will always do our best to ensure we aren’t serving you any. If there are issues that arise that cause delays or quality concerns, you will be the first to know about them and not only will we share those with you honestly and directly but we will come to you with a solution. You will also have full access to your product details including your tech packs, full transparency pricing, and no-bs lead times. We keep it real because real talk fosters real trust and guarantees real results.


Consistency – We will always show up for you. That’s a promise. If you have questions you need answered, if we don’t have an answer, we guarantee we’ll help find the answer and/or connect you with someone from our vast network that can help you.


Communication – We take communication very seriously and take pride in providing you with as much information as possible, as often as possible. The number one complaint our more experienced clients have when coming to us is lack of communication from previous partners and/or factory partners they’ve tried to work with on their own. You will never have this problem with Product Haus and in partnering with us for our Premium service you are guaranteed a 12 hour turn around on all email communications. 


Trust – Without trust, what do you really have? Given our 15 years of hands-on, real life experience, you can know with certainty we have the knowledge and skills to handle whatever might come our way. With our consistently reliable, transparent, clear communication we know we will build a long lasting partnership that gives you the reassurance and peace of mind you both deserve, and truly need to succeed.  


Confidence – We know it’s hard to sell a product you don’t believe in 125%. We are here to provide you with that confidence so you can be a powerful advocate for your product(s) and empower your brand ambassadors/influencers to be the same. Gain necessary buy-in from your marketing team and build trust with your greatest MVP; your customers.

How much time do I need to allocate to the service?

The greatest benefit of working with Product Haus is that we free you up to focus on other parts of the business that may be more important to you like marketing, sales, order fulfilment or customer service. Therefore, the amount of time you personally need to invest will depend upon the type of Premium service you are seeking from us. After your initial kick off call you will be presented with a scope of work catered specifically to you, your product(s), and your needs. Product Haus can be as full service as you want us to be. Requiring as little as an hour a week of your time or a few hours every few weeks. If you want to be more involved and invest more time, that’s entirely up to you.

Can you work with both myself and my co-founder?

Yes! We can work with whomever you designate or prefer. That includes founders and co-founders or if you have a partial product team, designer, or product developer you trust and prefer they lead communication with us, we’re happy to work with them as well.

What would make me the perfect fit for the Premium Service?

The Premium Service is ideal for those that have already completed our 12-week ELearning course and are seeking additional assistance in bringing their product to market and/or have already been successful in selling products of their own but want to take their product business to the next level. Our Premium Service is best suited for brand and/or business owners that are extremely serious about moving forward with bringing their product to market as quickly as possible.

Do you offer payment plans for your Premium Service?

Yes. All clients pay a set monthly fee to be determined after our kickoff call. At that time, you will be presented with a scope of work, new client agreement, and your monthly payment plan options – catered specifically to you, your product(s), and your needs.

Do you provide pattern making services? Do you produce in America?

Yes and no. 


Product Haus believes in the power of globalisation. We believe that supporting the global economy strengthens the American economy. We also believe in trusting the experts. We are experts at what we do and we believe in recognizing and supporting our factory partners for the experts that they are, in everything that they do. They lead the way in leveraging global supply chains for cutting edge technology pertaining to raw materials, trims, and techniques that aid in efficient and successful product creation. 


Your product will have patterns created as a part of the product development and production process. Should you wish to purchase those patterns for your personal keeping, there may be additional pattern fees. Otherwise, no we do not produce in America. Should you be seeking American manufacturing services here’s a list of US based manufacturers we know and trust:


American Made Apparel Manufacturing Inc. – Denver, Colorado

Clothier Design Source – Saint Paul, Minnesota

Indie Source – Los Angeles, California

Lefty Production Co. – California & Texas

ThreadTech Inc. – Boston, Massachusetts

Can I buy off-the-shelf product from you for direct print?

No. We are not a wholesaler, nor a print shop. We do not house blank goods for printing, embroidery, or any other form of post-production decoration. Product Haus is a full-service, private label, special make up, product lifecycle management solution. If you have had success buying and printing off-the-shelf product and you’re fed-up with the poor quality, ill-fitting, overpriced, basic goods you’ve been buying and printing upon (like t-shirts and hoodies) – we are here for you and we hope you consider our Premium services.

Do you provide EXW, FOB, LDP, and/or DDP based product pricing?

We are capable of all of the above. Each client has different preferences and different needs.

It’s entirely up to you. You call the shots. We’re here to support you. 


If you don’t know what EXW, FOB, LDP or DDP means – we highly encourage you to download our Export/Import Terms & Definitions Cheat Sheet

What are your usual payment terms for bulk orders?

Standard payment terms, for all bulk orders regardless of EXW, FOB, LDP or DDP –  are typically as follows (to be determined by our factory partners – not by Product Haus):

  •   30% deposit at time of PO placement, 70% at ship date
  •   50% deposit at time of PO placement, 50% at ship date


After a few successful shipments in which payments are made on time, more flexible payment terms can be discussed and negotiated.

What are your usual production lead-times for bulk orders?

Lead-times vary depending upon your preferred country of origin. However, typical lead-times are 90-120 days from date of fabric, color, and/or artwork strike off approval for all new clients and new products. For re-orders, lead-times can drop to 40-60 days (or less) depending upon the country of origin and product.




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